I am a Camo Queen because I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada and enjoy all of the natural beauty that it has to offer.  I enjoy camping, hunting, golfing and fishing. There is nothing better than a weekend getaway at the lake fishing with family and friends, followed by the warmth and comfort of a campfire.

My husband Chris and I operate a waterfowl hunting camp. During the months of September and October we run "Wingshot Guiding Service Ltd." We have had the opportunity to guide and entertain duck and goose hunters for over 20 years now.  You can check us out at www.wingshotguidingservice.com

Whether I am ice fishing in Alberta lakes, taking a ride on a Ferris Wheel, or fooling around in Cape Town, South Africa....my Camo Queen apparel goes with me! 

‚ÄčThat's why I am Camo Queen - The Elegant Outdoor Woman! 


Two Hills, Alberta, Canada