I was born and raised in Napa, California and I have always loved spending time outdoors.  I enjoy running, hiking, biking, walking and taking in the beautiful scenery all around me.  Most recently, I relocated to the great state of Idaho and I can often be found working in my beautiful new garden.  When I’m not in my garden, I might stroll on over to the shooting range for some practice.  I also love taking a drive with my husband on the back of his Harley and exploring all the new places that we still have yet to see!  For the past twelve years, I have been selling real estate and I feel blessed to have an occupation that I love so much.  I enjoy the opportunity to connect with new people and serving first time home buyers.

One of my very favorite places to relax is on the back deck of our cabin in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  There is nothing better than grabbing a glass of wine, putting my feet up and simply enjoying the spectacular view.  When time allows… I can be found taking a stroll on the beach.

I love wearing Camo Queen apparel and being an Elegant Outdoor Woman.


Middleton, ID